The telecom billing & revenue management market will be worth $11.78billion by 2019. What are you doing to exploit this new revenue stream?

The recent explosion in the number of third-party services which operators can provide, has given billing and policy professionals a unique opportunity to reverse declining revenue across traditional core voice, text and data capabilities. Through the delivery of new services, operators can enhance their perceived value to the customer whilst opening up new revenue streams.

However, this transformation has created significant challenges for operators, in terms of how best to deliver a truly personalised and streamlined billing process.

At the inaugural Billing Transformation for Telecoms Summit, leading operators from across the EMEA region will explore the most effective methods to transform your billing strategy and enable you to:

Streamline your billing processes to reduce costs

Enhance your customers billing experience to drive additional revenue

Deliver operational efficiencies through greater use of billing analytics

Fully utilise your customer relationships to identify new revenue streams

I look forward to welcoming you to this exclusive launch-event from Telecoms IQ!

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